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Businesses  and Software

Businesses develop various softwares to make the work easier, but little do they realize the problems encountered by the software users, because of the lack of sufficient knowledge in knowing the software. This ignorance of software usage is catering to various emotions like computer rage and resentment. Due to this the wages are lost and so the productivity.

According to research conducted by “User frustration with technology at workplace” by Carnegie Mellon University, Towson University and the University of Maryland, frustration experiences waste an average of 42 to 43 percentage of the time that the employees spend at their computers. It is estimated that if an employee spends 20 hours at the computer, 8.6 hours (or 43%) are unproductive and frustrating. For a 40 hour/week employee, that equals $131.01 weekly or $6,550.50 annually (50 weeks) in lost payroll.

Training the software users essentially involves utilizing built-in functionality, to personalize layouts and menus, to the employee’s roles and responsibilities in an organization. Employees belonging to different departments utilize software functionality in different ways to accomplish their tasks.

Software training makes repetitive tasks quick and easy. It also organizes information in an orderly manner, for easy access.

The research data above clearly shows the need to train the software users in software. Let’s see some of the benefits of training the software users in software.


Computer functions and features at finger tips: 

The features and functions employees use most should be at their fingertips.

Templates, macros, shortcut keys, screen views, and menu options are other features that make software more intuitive to the needs of the employee. The use of those elements enables employees to more easily complete computerized tasks in minimum time.


Minimize or eliminate computer rage

“I hate not being able to understand things. It makes 
me feel inferior, computers have a way of doing that 
sometimes” – A typical software user.

Different people react in different ways, when they are frustrated. Some employees may literally shout at their co-workers and some may even leave the office. Other employees may feel irritated or angry, as a result of the rise in overall tension in the office atmosphere. The cost of computer rage becomes so unbearable some times that the energy generated by it, has the potential to spread to communications with customers, either by customer service or sales people.


Quick resolving of issues: 

Delivering software training leads to increased software knowledge and therefore increased software usability. This minimizes their overall frustration. Effectively trained employees can resolve the issues by themselves, without disrupting the co-workers and thus promoting a healthy office environment.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Introduction to Software Training FREE 00:40:00
Object Oriented Design Patterns 00:00:35
Software Testing 00:30:00
Section 2: Advanced Computing
Advanced Database Development 00:25:00
Algorithm analysis 00:45:00
Multi Threading in Softwares 00:40:00
Managing Software Testing 00:20:00
The Software Quiz 00:04:00

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