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This module is designed to introduce students to the rapidly increasing role of information and communication technologies in healthcare delivery. As is the case in all other fields of practice, things that were previously impossible in healthcare are now possible because of ICT. It provides health workers and entire health systems with powerful tools for achieving quality healthcare for all at less cost.

As a dominant trend, healthcare systems around the world will increasingly adopt e-Health as a mainstream strategy for delivery of quality and equitable healthcare. The purpose of this module is to introduce health workers to the concept of e-Health and build their capacity to apply various tools and techniques for high quality, timely, equitable and cost-effective healthcare.

Emphasis will be placed on operating within the framework of an integrated health management information system from the grassroots up to the district level. This module is the backbone of the whole course since ICT application is a common theme that cuts through all the modules.

Course: Chm 101
Ict & Healthcare Management


  1. To introduce learners to current global e-health trends
  2. To increase learners’ understanding of the importance of ICT in informing decisions
  3. To introduce learners to the different e-health solutions that can improve service delivery
  4. To deepen learners’ understanding of the features of e-health systems and data capturing
  5. To increase learners knowledge of the ethics of using ICT
  6. To equip learners with skills that will enable them distinguish and use the common e-health systems in data capturing, processing and reporting
  7. To increase learners knowledge in processing and interpretation of data using ICT
  8. To increase learners’ analytical skills to synthesise, and communicate  research results
  9. To equip learners with skills that will enable them write health facility plans and marketable research proposals using data


By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  1. Use ICT solutions in healthcare delivery
  2. Identify and prioritize health problems using ICT solutions
  3. Generate data and analyse it using ICT
  4. Conduct research individually or as a team using ICT
  5. Capture patient data and conduct referrals using ICT
  6. Effectively communicate with data to appropriate audiences
  7. Critically appraise scientific documents basing on sound data using ICT
  8. Contribute to district planning process using data generated
  9. Critically review scientific data and literature

Mode Of Delivery
Reading guide/assignment workbook
Online resources, including videos
Toolkit for assisting in action research


How To Strengthen Healthcare Provision

Source: Abridged from an article by Swanson RC, Bongiovanni A, Bradley E, Murugan V, Sundewall J, et al. (2010) Toward a Consensus on Guiding Principles for Health Systems Strengthening. PLoS Med 7(12); December 21, 2010.


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