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Purpose of Module
This module is designed to enable students develop a deep understanding of a health system and health policy; Uganda’s healthcare systems; the challenges facing the health sector in Uganda, and the most recent performance appraisal of healthcare in Uganda.

Course Code : Chm 103
Health Systems & Policy Planning In Uganda


  1. To increase learners’ understanding of the philosophy and principles of Health Systems, Health Policies and Primary Health Care
  2. To increase learners’ understanding of ethics leading to the formulation of health policies
  3. To increase learners’ understanding of the policy formulation processes
  4. To enable learners’ analyse the most important trends and reforms in health policy in Uganda and internationally
  5. To increase learners’ understanding of the determinants of Health
  6. To increase learners’ understanding of the basic principles of leadership and management in PHC activities
  7. To equip learners with skills that will lead them to apply the basic health service workload statistics



By the end of this unit, learners should:

  1. Formulate health facility action plans, contribute to, interpret and advocate for good health policy
  2. Demonstrate mastery of all the stages of the planning cycle
  3. Demonstrate mastery of the management functions within the healthcare context
  4. Write excellent and costed health facility plans
  5. Compute and interpret workload indicators, vital statistics and the DHIS

Mode Of Delivery

  • Reading guide/assignment workbook
  • Online resources, including videos
  • Toolkit for assisting in action research


Healthcare Planning Implementation And Coordination Framework

Source: Extracted from the Guidelines TO The Local Government Planning Process, (Health Sector Supplement), Ministry Of Health, The Republic Of Uganda. 2016.
13 September 2012
Overview Of Healthcare In Uganda

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