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Purpose Of Module 

Nothing on this earth is free. Everything has a cost. When it comes to the production, delivery and consumption of health services, there is always someone who pays. It is only by being conscious of costs, scarcity and choice that healthcare managers can be taken to be effective. Understanding the economic mechanisms of supply and demand and how the healthcare market works, remain essential to formulate and evaluate policy choices, plans and objectives. The laws of the market, the need to make profit have very little space in the health sector, yet, continue to make tremendous impact. The knowledge of the basic economics principles that surround the healthcare market remain crucial at the centre of facilitating the planning, management and decision making processes for the health care services.

Course Code  : CHM 111
Health Economics & Financing


  1. To Introduce learners to principles of economics and how they relate to health sector goals
  2. To introduce learners to concepts of planning and decision making and how they relate to the health sector
  3. To introduce learners to the concept of equity and efficiency in decision making and their role in resource allocation
  4. To introduce learners to different types of expenditure analyses, their importance and usefulness
  5. To increase learners’ understanding of the health care market and explain how it works
  6. To introduce learners to different techniques of economic/impact evaluation
  7. To introduce learners to the different financing and funding mechanisms, their importance and usefulness for planning


By the end of unit, learners should:

  1. Apply and use health economics tools of socio-economic relevance in decision making in their day-to-day work
  2. Formulate and implement equity-oriented decisions
  3. Answer related policy queries and influence policy decisions using economics tools
  4. Identify potential impact of key policies and strategies on the provision, use and distribution of health care
  5. Use the basic principles of economics in management of healthcare resources

Mode Of Delivery

  • Reading guide/assignment workbook
  • Online resources, including videos
  • Toolkit for assisting in action research


Rwanda: Performance (Results) -Based Financing In The Public Sector by Louis Rusa, Miriam Schneidman, Gyuri Fritsche, and Laurent Musango


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