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Disasters Preparedness Management
Purpose Of The Module Disaster Management Cycle – Phase Ii: Preparedness Disaster Management Cycle – Phase Ii: Preparedness
This module explores disaster management for health; how best to prepare for disasters; the principles of epidemic management; and how to manage outbreaks in special settings, i.e, schools, prisons and hospital settings.

Course Code: CHM 106
Disasters Preparedness Management


  1. To introduce learners to the definitions of disaster management in a health care context
  2. To introduce learners to the different measures of mitigation and response
  3. To introduce learners to the concept of ‘risk’
  4. To introduce learners to analytical tools in criteria for determining disease causation
  5. To introduce learners to different surveillance and epidemiological study designs and their relevant methodological approaches and functions
  6. To deepen learners knowledge in preparedness and response mechanisms
  7. To deepen learners knowledge in processing and presenting quantitative data
  8. To increase learners’ understanding of the evolution of an epidemic
  9. To increase learners skills in different disease surveillance methods


By the end of the unit, learners should:

  1. Use of ICT solutions in response and referral processes
  2. Use basic epidemiological and bio-statistical techniques to respond to emergencies
  3. Choose the most appropriate response mechanism in relation to specific circumstances
  4. Analyse basic principles of disease causation in a given population
  5. Use epidemiological evidence for planning
  6. Appraise epidemiological studies
  7. Evaluate screening and diagnostic tests
  8. Detect and control an epidemic

Mode Of Delivery

  • Reading guide/assignment workbook
  • Online resources, including videos
  • Toolkit for assisting in action research



Disaster Preparedness Of The Health Sector

Source: The material has been sourced, and adapted, from Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries by Claude de Ville de Goyet, Ricardo Zapata Marti, and Claudio Osorio, Chapter on Emergency Preparedness of the Health Sector. For full text, including footnotes and references, see:


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